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Check out the new music video for Pitchforks & Torches:

Check out the official video below for the title track from Last Great Nation’s new EP “The Black Pilgrimage”.  Inspired by JPL founder, and genius rocket scientist / occultist Jack Parsons. Special thanks to Kenneth Anger’s “Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome” from 1954.

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We call out to all musicians and artists who care about these issues, and are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our struggle for human dignity and the future of the planet.

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The new LGN EP The Black Pilgrimage is now available online and on iTunes, along with their debut album the New American.



Last Great Nation is a Progressive 3-piece Militant Metal group with a Message, based out of Los Angeles, California

Their new EP titled THE BLACK PILGRIMAGE (inspired by JPL founder, and genius rocket scientist / occultist Jack Parsons) breaks New Ground in the ever expanding world of heavy metal.

The bands unique style, and fearless thought provoking lyrics stand ready to call out the powers that be, where most would stay comfortably silent…

THE BLACK PILGRIMAGE comes on the heels of their full-length debut album THE NEW AMERICAN in 2013.